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Officina Pesci's landing page was designed and developed to provide simple and intuitive user interaction while the graphics were customized to the client's needs to ensure a unique and engaging experience. In addition, the customized content management system (CMS) allows the client to manage site content independently and immediately.

One of the key elements of the page is the request form to book an appointment with the Officina Pesci team. This form is designed to be user-friendly and useful for appointment management, allowing visitors to easily request a meeting with the company. The landing page is an important point of contact between the company and its customers, providing useful information and tools in an interesting and effective way. With its smooth navigation and engaging graphics, it represents a key tool for Officina Pesci in its online communication strategy.

We also took care of the client's corporate image starting with the choice of colors, which is essential for creating a winning and long-lasting graphic image. A modern and eye-catching color palette was used in the creation of the logo; red is a reference to the world of automobiles and conveys vitality, strength and passion; characteristics that suit the client's 'work environment.

An eye-catching and youthful font was also created that is reminiscent of the automotive world to convey
a modern and dynamic image of the client's business, the font recalls the desire for innovation and modernity.
The attached monogram is very simple and is a stylization of a brake disc; it represents the heart of the business: repair and maintenance of industrial vehicles.

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