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We develop ad hoc applications and software for your company, using the best technologies to ensure ease of use and high performance

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EasyReport is a modular application thanks to which you can manage Amazon transactions in no time, from your PC or smartphone.

By automating the accounting activities, EasyReport is able to generate periodic reports for you, which can be assembled according to need and without any errors.

You will only have to upload the csv format file that Amazon provides monthly, our AI infrastructure will takes care of the rest, committed to filtering and saving the imported data, converting foreign currencies, generating customizable automatic reports and much more.

  • Upload management
  • Table View
  • Monthly Import Summary
  • Automated Reports
  • Currency Conversion
  • Download Report Excel
  • Custom Alerts
  • Online Consulting
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Widget is an online booking system that allows you to offer experiences to your customers directly from your website, in an automated way.

The user can browse the various services, select the one that's right for him and purchase it directly in a few clicks.

Thanks to this software, which can be easily integrated into your site, you will have the possibility to speed up and simplify the booking system of your services, avoiding mistakes and inconsistencies.

  • Integration with website and e-commerce
  • Easy booking management
  • Immediate online purchases and payments
  • Reduction of errors
  • Monthly reports
  • Customer statistics
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A CMS - Content Management System - is a management system, or software that allows you to easily edit, archive and integrate content within your website, without particular knowledge of code and web language.

With a customized CMS you will have the ability to easily manage your website quickly and securely, from a single interface, updating content and information in a few clicks.

  • Possibility of customization
  • Simplicity of the administration panel
  • Safety
  • Code functionality
  • SEO optimization
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We offer a cloud-based ERP system that is multi-user and accessible from any device with no installation required.
The software allows you to manage all major business areas of different industries including food, wholesale, manufacturing.
You can keep track of every aspect of the production, sales and administrative cycle without the need for additional applications.
Thanks to the platform's scalability, additional custom modules can always be developed to tailor the final solution to the company's needs.

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  • Enterprise resource management
  • Administration and billing
  • Document import
  • Sales, order and job order management
  • Agent management
  • Production flow management
  • Information request
  • Information request
  • Information request